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Browse through our Astrology Glossary, with over 150 astrological terms with diagrams and definitions. And more are being added or improved all the time, so check back for updates. These terms are also highlighted throughout the Glossary and in our articles. Just mouse-over one of the glossary links to see a popup with a brief summary, or click on the popup to go to the full description. Below is a list of the terms sorted into categories.

New & Updated in the Glossary

Aspect Patterns

Apex Planet Arrowhead Aspect Pattern Cradle Grand Cross Grand Sextile Grand Trine Grand Trine Kite Hard Wedge Mini-Trine Multiple Conjunction Rolling Conjunction Stellium T-Square Wedge Yod Yod Kite


Applying & Separating Aspect Cazimi Collection of Light Combust Conjunction Contra-Parallel Dissociate Aspect Inconjunct Opposition Orb Parallel Ptolemaic Aspects Quincunx Semi-Sextile Semisquare Sesquiquadrate Sextile Square Trine Waxing & Waning


Chart Cusp Geocentric Heliocentric House Interception Natal Chart Progressions Sabian Symbol Solar Return Transits


Declination Out of Bounds


Centaurs Chiron Earth (Planet) Jupiter Mars Mercury Moon Neptune Planet Pluto Saturn Sun the Lights Transpersonal Planet Uranus Venus


Angles Ascendant Descendant Imum Coeli Lunar Nodes Mean Lunar Nodes Midheaven North Node Part of Fortune Planetary Nodes Points South Node True Lunar Nodes True Nodes vs Mean Nodes


Archetype Collective Collective Unconscious Psychological Shadow


Direct Motion Mars Retrograde Mercury Retrograde Retrograde Retrograde Shadow Stationary Venus Retrograde


Dispositor Final Dispositor Mutual Reception Ruler

Sign Qualities

Air Cardinal Earth Element Fire Fixed Modality Mutable Water


Aquarius Aries Cancer Capricorn Gemini Leo Libra Pisces Sagittarius Scorpio Taurus Virgo Zodiac Signs

Sun Moon Earth

Celestial Equator Celestial Latitude Eclipse Eclipse Times Full Moon Lunar Eclipse New Moon Solar Eclipse


Age of Aquarius Ecliptic Precession of the Equinoxes Sidereal Zodiac Tropical Zodiac

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