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The Magic in the Mundane

Taurus brings life down to the everyday essentials – food, work, pleasure, comfort, patient progress. This New Moon in Taurus goes beyond the ordinary, and seeks expression in extraordinary and exalted ways. Are you ready to discover the many facets of Taurus?

Aurora Borealis

Abundant Blessings and Simple Gifts

Every 12 years, Jupiter travels through Taurus. The planet of intangible inspiration, philosophy and expansion must squeeze itself into the sign of practicality, methodology, material acquisition and stability – with potentially spectacular results!

Cave painting of bull

Taurus the Bull represents your down-to-earth nature that can be patience, methodical, and attracting pleasure and abundance; although also stubborn and possessive. Ruled by Venus, this is what you value and how you measure your sense of worth.

The Birth and Triumph of Venus, Francois Boucher

Indulge Thyself!

Mythologically the planet Venus is related to the Roman Goddess Venus and the Greek Aphrodite, both of which are known for their beauty, love and grace. Yet ironically, the Goddess of Love was born of violence.


Live Long and Prosper!

Abundance sparkles like a jewel! Sumptuous, sensuous Taurus the Bull and its ruling planet Venus are all about pleasure, treasure and easy-going leisure. Get comfy and get ready to learn about your Taurus side.

Lunar Eclipse

Letting Go With Love

Welcome to the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Scorpio! Uranus conjunct the Sun says this is a good time to let go of "stuff" in your life that's past it's best-before date. Mercury Retrograde conjunct the North Node helps you decide what stays and what goes. The Moon and Mars are in mutual reception, calling on you to balance courage with caring.

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