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Jul. 31 ~ Sun trine North Node

Jul. 30 ~ Venus trine Chiron

Jul. 29 ~ Moon goes OOB

Jul. 26 ~ Chiron goes Retrograde

Jul. 25 ~ Sun sextile Mars

Jul. 25 ~ Mercury in Virgo

Jul. 23 ~ Sun opposite Pluto

Jul. 22 ~ Sun in Leo

Jul. 22 ~ Mercury Max Elongation from Sun

Jul. 21 ~ Mars trine Pluto

Jul. 21 ~ Sun trine Neptune

Jul. 21 ~ Mercury square Uranus

Jul. 21 ~ Venus sextile Jupiter

Jul. 21 ~ Moon comes In-Bounds


Jul. 20 ~ Mars in Gemini

Jul. 20 ~ Mars sextile Neptune

Jul. 19 ~ Venus trine North Node

Jul. 18 ~ Mercury trine Chiron

Jul. 18 ~ Sun sextile Uranus

hat with wings

Alright... Who Stole My Brain??

Mercury is famous for his retrograde cycles when things get decidedly weird! Missed appointments, wrong numbers, computer glitches... Find out what's really happening when Mercury does his "Retrograde Rumba."

Chinese terracotta army

Way of the Wounded Warrior

Chiron is associated with the concept of our woundedness and human limitations. Yet, Aries is a pioneering, courageous, warrior kind of energy. How to get these two apparently contradictory energies working together effectively?

sun and moon motif

Tripping "The Lights" Fantastic!

When two heavenly bodies interact in their orbits, we have a combined planetary cycle that becomes greater than the sum of its celestial parts. The most visible of these is the Sun and Moon—or "The Lights" as we call them in astrology.

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