The Sabian Symbols are a series of 360 symbolic images, each one associated with a specific degree of the zodiac. They were originally created by astrologer Marc Edmund Jones and psychic Elsie Wheeler in 1922.

The Symbols provide an intuitive metaphor that can add an extra dimension of meaning to the planets in your natal chart, using the sign and degree the planet is in. The Symbols can also be used as an oracle that gives an intuitive answer to a question asked in the moment.

A special note about using the Symbols with planetary positions. Sabian Symbols are numbered from 1 to 30 for each sign. For example, Virgo 1 is the 1st degree of Virgo. Virgo 2 is the second degree of Virgo.

However, planetary degrees are different. The degrees in a sign are numbered from 0 to 29. Example: a planet in the first degree of Virgo is 0:00-0:59 of Virgo. A planet in the second degree of Virgo is between 01:00-01:59 of Virgo.

Therefore, the Sabian Symbol for Virgo 1 applies to a planet at 00:00-00:59 of Virgo.

So, to find the correct symbol for a planetary position, you must round the planet's degree up to the next degree. So, another example: if a planet is at 4:20 of Scorpio (4 degrees and 20 minutes in the sign of Scorpio), you would look up the Sabian Symbol for "Scorpio 5."

Pronounced: SAY-bee-un SIM-bull

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