Chart for the New Moon in Taurus

The Magic in the Mundane

Taurus brings life down to the everyday essentials – food, work, pleasure, comfort, patient progress. This New Moon in Taurus goes beyond the ordinary, and seeks expression in extraordinary and exalted ways. Are you ready to discover the many facets of Taurus?



Ottawa, Canada and
Washington DC, USA:

May. 19, 2023, 11:53 AM EDT

London, UK:

May. 19, 2023, 4:53 PM BST

Sydney, AU:

May. 20, 2023, 1:53 AM AEST

She saw the extraordinary in the ordinary, the magic in the mundane.
~ Claire Legrand, Sawkill Girls

Everybody's in Taurus!

The New Moon is in Taurus along with about 6,572 other planets, asteroids, nodes, and miscellaneous bits of space dust. This is a Stellium-and-a-half! With so many planetary energies putting down roots in Taurus soil, it gives Taurus a myriad ways to express itself.

Taurus is not generally flashy or loud or dramatic – more like tranquil, beautiful and comfortable. However, there are some pretty dazzling planetary energies crowded into the Taurus garden party right now!

Stellium in TaurusWe'll start with the Sun and Moon who are conjunct in very late Taurus at 28:25. They initiate a new 4-week cycle rooted in Taurus, the sign of abundance, wealth of all kinds, resources, and experiences of the five senses. This is a good time to take a look at your budget and investments, indulge in sensory delights, discover new resources, and count your blessings.

Next to the New Moon is Uranus at 19:30 Taurus, who is in that sign from 2018 to 2026. During this time we've seen escalating evidence of climate change worldwide, through shockingly high temperatures, rampant wildfires, harrowing hurricanes, tempestuous tornadoes, and more.

Uranus is challenging us to think beyond the mundane, or perhaps more accurately, to find ways to lift up the mundane into the ground-breaking realm. Both collectively and individually, we are called on to make the ordinary extraordinary, to discover the amazing in the everyday, and catch the visionary possibilities in the familiar.

Mercury is next at 06:37 of Taurus, having just awakened from his retrograde trance on May 13. For a while, your mental agility might be a bit sluggish, zoned out, or needing to figure things out one methodical step at a time, but the advantage is that you can savour all the riches your attention can take in. Treat yourself to music or nature sounds. Listen to poetry read aloud. Or think back to things you wanted to do but there were obstacles or delays. There might not be a clear moment when the lights turn green, but you may find that over the coming few weeks there are workarounds using existing resources that can help you achieve much the same thing.

The North Lunar Node has been in Taurus since Jan. 18, 2022, and will continue until July 17, 2023. Although Mercury and the Node crossed paths exactly back on April 6, Mercury stationed less than 2° shy of the Node on May 13. They linger within an 8° orb from April 30 until May 27. The implication is that what you focus on during that time could have the potential to develop into something more significant. However, if you're waiting for the perfect resources and opportunities to land in your lap, you may find that you can make it happen just as well using tools, materials, ideas and planning that you already have.

When the North Node is in Taurus, the South Node is in Scorpio, indicating where you're coming from and what you may need to move into the background or let go of. Scorpio is full of intensity, fiery passion, and in-depth

Jupiter just entered Taurus a mere 3 days before the New Moon, and is still in the first degree of that sign. Jupiter will be in Taurus until May of next year, so settle in, dust off your throne, and find a comfy cushion for the seat. Jupiter expands your experience of all things Taurus. Food becomes a feast. Pleasures of the senses can be exquisite. Visions of money (wanting or spending!) may have extra dollar signs. Tending to your garden can feel like a sacred ritual.

The New Moon chart is full of feminine/Yin energy, with almost all planets in the Earth and Water signs. In fact there is only one planet each in Fire and AirChiron in Aries and Pluto in Aquarius.

Moon Parallel Mars declination graphThe Moon is exalted in Taurus, meaning her best side is brought out when she's snuggled up inside Taurus' nest. The Moon is also tightly parallel Mars (by declination) which provides extra motivation and brings out the Taurus Moon's hard-working, determined side. Both of them are contraparallel to Pluto, which adds extra passion, urgency and determination.

Mars is in the last degree of Cancer, so he's feeling pretty anxious to get moving into Leo where he can become more passionate and expressive. With Mars in the Moon's sign, the Moon is the dispositor of Mars (like a supportive mentor). The Moon's message to Mars is: don't get strung out, uptight or erratic; just let yourself be guided step-by-step by intuition and patience. So the New Moon may have a feel to it like trying to control an skittish horse that wants to bold – there's lots of energy and motivation, but it takes a firm hand to harness that energy and use it constructively.


Optimism is a strategy for making a better future. Because unless you believe that the future can be better, you are unlikely to step up and take responsibility for making it so.
~ Noam Chomsky

Jupiter-Node-Mercury Magic

Jupiter is about to meet up with the North Node on June 1 (in 8° orb throughout May and June). This brings an opportunity to consider what you want to aspire to at this time in your life. This could be about career, relationships, knowledge, or admiration, but especially this is about who you want to be, going forward.

What do you believe in? Think about the highest energy in the Universe that you can imagine. What might it look like, smell like, taste like, sound like? When you envision connecting with that energy, how do you feel inside your body? This is a spiritual journey, in the broadest sense of the word, but being in Taurus it's also about how you find a special or sacred or uplifting experience in your body.

Jupiter Node Mercury conjunctionJupiter is also conjunct Mercury, with the Node right smack in the middle between them. Mercury is your perception and awareness. The Node is your best direction for learning and realizing your potential. Jupiter is your sense of place in the Universe and your understanding of it. And Taurus is your fundamental interaction with the physical world. Therefore, this triple conjunction in Taurus encourages you to discover the higher perspective—the magic—in the mundane, and to bring into focus the ways you can integrate a broader outlook into your day-to-day life.

This influence is around you throughout May and June, especially from May 10 to 25 (Mercury-Node-Jupiter all within 8°), and from mid-May to mid-June (Jupiter-Node within about 2°). Although much of this influence is already past by now, it still colours the energy throughout the 4-week New Moon cycle (May 19 to June 18).

Mercury parallel Jupiter contraparallelSaturnMercury and Jupiter are tightly parallel, which isn't surprising as conjunct planets often are. What makes this extra significant is that they are also tightly contraparallel Saturn. In a configuration like this, Saturn might be a bit of a buzzkill on the Mercury-Jupiter optimism. However, Saturn is also connected by a cooperative sextile, with a squishy-tight orb to Mercury, and a wider orb to Jupiter that becomes exact on June 19. So in this case, Saturn in Pisces can provide some practical yet bouyant encouragement.

Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.
~ George Bernard Shaw

Quintile Patterns

Jupiter is involved in one of two aspect configurations that are rather rare and quite fascinating. I'm not even sure what name to call it other than Quintile figure. This configuration has two planets in biquintile aspect (144°) and a third planet half-way between them forming quintile aspects (72°). It's best to keep their orbs small, up to about 3 to 3½ degrees (and some would say even smaller).

The Quintile family of aspects is based on dividing the circle into 5 parts. These aspects are known for their creative agility, be it mentally with numbers and logic, or artistically. However, there is a certain amount of struggle and tension in these aspects – you may need to get past your habitual expectations in order to see the more creative potential in the situation or to acknowledge and trust your intuition.

Quintile pattern: Jupiter Venus CeresOne figure has Jupiter biquintile asteroid Ceres, with Venus making quintile aspects to both. Ceres mythologically is about the archetype of the Mother: mothering (or s/mothering), our need to be nurtured and cherished, and may echo our relationship dynamics with our parents.

This figure is in orb from May 16 to 21, and closest on May 18-19 (all within a mere 0:12 orb). In other words, it's at its closest and most powerful at the same time as the New Moon, so it will carry some of that energy through the next 4 weeks.

With Jupiter aspecting Ceres, this seems to invoke the idea of the Great Mother or Goddess, or the concept of the feminine/Yin side of the Universe. Venus is a distinctly feminine energy associated with beauty, pleasure, harmony and appreciation. If you are creative in any way – artistry, cooking, problem-solving or socially – this combination could bring new inspiration or perhaps a critical eye that allows you to improve on your usual style. It may also encourage you to be more open to see yourself as a Child of the Universe, and the Universe as an embracing, supportive medium that is there to bring out the best in you.

Quintile pattern: Mars Saturn UranusThe other Quintile figure starts with Mars biquintile Saturn, with Uranus in quintile aspect to both. These planetary energies are harsher and more challenging than the gentleness of Jupiter, Venus and Ceres. This figure is in orb from May 17 to 26, and closest on May 21-22 (all within about 1 degree). The figure has a maximum orb of about 2° at the time of the New Moon, so again, this combination adds to the flavour of the Taurus cycle.

Mars and Saturn often hiss and spit at each other naturally, since they want to do things in very different, often conflicting ways – yet, together they are unbeatable for getting things done. They seem to harness the creative struggle side of the Quintiles, where you might resist or try to rationalize your way out of doing what you need to do, but once you open yourself up to it, your path becomes clear and your footsteps more confident and empowered.

Uranus is the shaker-upper planet that wants to do everything differently, distinctively, and guided by a broader vision. Uranus will want to make sure Mars and Saturn don't lapse into something overly conventional, habitual, or take the shortest route instead of the most interesting and inspired.

This combination has the potential to achieve something remarkable, innovative, or greater than the sum of its parts. Whatever you're working on right now – be it spring cleaning, or planting your herb and veggie garden, or planning a feast, or doing something to impress your boss or your clients – there is a potential to take it to the next level to become truly inspired and extraordinary.


Don't forget, a person's greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated.
~ H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Venus Mothering

We really should talk more about Venus, since she is the default VIP as ruler of Taurus and that massive Stellium. Right now, Venus is in Cancer which brings out her nurturing side. Venus is usually kind, enjoyable, and focused on beauty and social connection. In Cancer this is also about wanting to express those qualities in a way that makes others feel appreciated, noticed, and cared about. Our natural beauty is more apt to come out, with or without enhancements like fashion or accessorizing.

Alternatively, if you struggle with believing in your self-worth and value, this may encourage you to challenge yourself to get past that struggle and accept that you have more value to friends, family and community than you think you do.

Venus OOBVenus is still Out-of-Bounds (declination) from April 17 to June 1. This pushes the expression of the above qualities of Venus in Cancer further beyond the usual or predictable. This may echo the Jupiter-Ceres energy where you are hungry for a sense of being loved and cherished by the Universe. Or perhaps you feel inspired to care about others in a way that transcends day-to-day interaction, friendship or affection. You might find that to feel like a valued part of the Universe, you need to see others in the same way.

Venus semisquare New Moon in TaurusVenus is semisquare (45°) the Sun-Moon conjunction. Venus has an awkward relationship with the New Moon that she rules. Although Taurus and Cancer energies get along with each other (a naturally sextile relationship), at a certain level they can have different agendas or intentions. For example, the New Moon in Taurus wants to grow something new, initiate a process of building something up, gathering up something of value.

Venus in Cancer understands: nurture it, feed it, water it with love and appreciation. At the same time, Venus may be overly concerned with playing it safe, and this excessive caution could hold back that growth as much as supporting it. In other words, Venus may be inclined to do more smothering than mothering.

On the other hand, Cancer Venus is in Mutual Reception with the Taurus Moon, and the Moon is exalted in Taurus. So, although there may be conflict between them through the semisquare, the Moon is on steady ground and can handle whatever difficulty Venus may throw at her.

Venus will be retrograde in Leo from late July to early September, entering the retrograde shadow in mid-June. So, some of the challenges and themes of her upcoming retrograde may become noticeable during this Taurus lunar cycle. You may also have the opportunity to collect some resources and benefits that can help you during her retro cycle.


Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol for Taurus 29: Two cobblers working at a table.

Sabian Symbol for Taurus 29: Two cobblers working at a table.The two cobblers (shoemakers) are building something very basic yet with very important value – shoes! You may think shoes are not something that bring pleasure or tranquility (unless they're fancy and outlandish), but just try going without them on a unsmooth surface or wearing shoes that don't fit. In that sense, this Symbol speaks to a preventive agenda in whatever you're building up in your life.

Shoes protect the feet, and feet are what we stand on – they represent our under-standing, and the foundation on which we base our intentions. We start with what we have – skills, tools, resources, knowledge – and grow it into something more from that.

Dane Rudhyar (An Astrological Mandala) also points out that the Symbol shows two cobblers. Are they on the same side of the table or opposite? If they're facing the same way, side by side, it may suggest an alignment of parallel viewpoints that can strengthen each other. However, Rudhyar sees them as opposing each other. This expands the work to include a concept of duality, depth, and different perspectives. The work being done isn't simply done in a straight line – it turns and twists, zigs and zags, even while it's moving toward a particular destination.

So, although Taurus is a Fixed sign that is intent on maintaining stability and consistency, there still must be some wiggle room in how the work proceeds. In addition, it's important to allow for mistakes, or even minor adjustments and changes that come to light.

Sometimes the elements of our life present us with a challenge that is an initiation in disguise, a fire walk that burns your lower nature right out of you so that you are able to adapt to a higher level of consciousness.
~ Caroline Myss, Spiritual Power, Spiritual Practice

Supercharged T-Square!

This Taurus New Moon isn't just a beginning that unfolds over the next 4 weeks. It plants a seed that initiates a whole new process of developing how we focus our energy, express our power, and take action. This is embedded in a T-square aspect pattern that was also discussed in the last update for the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. This figure starts its influence on May 6 and continues until June 3, reaching its closest orb on May 21-22 within a mere ¾ of a degree.

The players are Mars opposing Pluto, t-squared by Jupiter. These are powerful energies with a lot of kick to them. Mars opposite Pluto alone brings the two rulers of intense Scorpio into a confrontation, and Jupiter arguing with both of them suggests a quest to find a wiser, more spiritual or ethical way to harness the Mars-Pluto energy without burning down the house. Jupiter's solution may be to find the common ground between the two, and approach the issues using some basic yet righteous common sense.

T-square aspect pattern: Mars Pluto JupiterWhat is extraordinary about this T-square is the degrees where the planets are positioned. Jupiter and Pluto are in the first degree of their signs (Taurus and Aquarius, respectively), indicating the beginning of a long-term process. At the moment that process is just a dream, a vision, an urge to initiate something based on a pure ideal or impulse.

At its best, this can motivate the need to identify the foundation at the base of problems within the collective, especially related to truth, moral values, and economic problems. On the other hand, this T-square process may incite those same issues, resulting in legal conflicts about disputes over power and control.

You're most likely to feel this on a personal level if you have planets roughly between 27-29° in Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) or 0-4° of Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius). In that case, you may feel the need to reform your value system to more closely reflect changes in your principles and priorities in recent years.

While Jupiter and Pluto are at the beginning of their signs, Mars is in the last degree of Cancer, poised to stride into Leo just 24 hours after the New Moon is exact. Mars at 29° suggests a push to bring some sense of closure to actions and emotions you have wrestled with over the last 8 weeks (since he went into Cancer on March 25).

The reason is that as soon as Mars crosses into Leo, he completes a T-square with all 3 planets at 0° of their signs! These planets started building their energy around mid-April (Jupiter-Pluto) and continue into late June. All 3 planets are within an 8° orb from May 6 to June 3, and their closest orb is when they're all aligned at 0° on May 20 (and May 21st for points east of Eastern Standard Time), the day after the New Moon.

This brings in a very strong force that challenges us to find more creative and steady ways to resolve conflicts related to power, rage, control, and autonomy. At its best, this can strengthen mutual understanding and clarify our vision of what is right and wrong. On the other hand, it might also lead to a rise in judgmental blame and a drive toward an all-or-nothing solution to complex problems.

For now, your job is to prepare the foundation on which these changes and transformations will develop. See yourself as one of those cobblers, and recognize that both you and your "opponent" actually are working toward a similar end, even if you go about it differently. You probably have more in common than you realize.

It is through all of these energies discussed here that you can start to see the potential for ordinary events to be exceptional, and incompatible energies to be reconcilable.

The next update will be for the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 3, 2023. Until then, stay safe. Stay sane. Stay awesome. The world needs you. ❤️

To romanticize the world is to make us aware of the magic, mystery and wonder of the world; it is to educate the senses to see the ordinary as extraordinary, the familiar as strange, the mundane as sacred, the finite as infinite.
~ Novalis



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