Jan. 6th Committee

Tales From the US Pluto Return

The astrology chart for the final pronouncement of the outcome and recommendations of the January 6th Committee indicates that this is a very significant event, which channels the return of Pluto to its natal position when the United States was "born."


January 6th Committee Voted to Recommend Criminal Charges Against Donald Trump

Chart of the January 6 Committee's final voteClick to view full size chart.

Chart Data:
19 Dec 2022
2:14 PM EST
Washington DC

Click the chart thumbnail to view a full size version of the chart (opens in a new window). This is the chart for the moment when the January 6th Committee officially finalized the vote as "agreed to." This vote was to recommend that criminal charges be brought against former president Donald Trump.

(For my fellow astrologers who care about time accuracy: The C-Span video shows the time on the live video, which I've used here: 2:14 PM. It's possible that there might be a brief lag in time, in case something terrible happens and they can bleep it out, but I doubt it would be more than a minute at most and probably less, if so.)

The chart shows some VERY noteworthy highlights! These points in general suggest an event that is A Very Big Deal with far-reaching implications.

Uranus conjunct AscendantURANUS ON THE ASCENDANT, which is partile conjunct the last Lunar Eclipse (Nov. 8) that was so intense (Mars exactly cnj Moon, cnj Uranus).

This suggests a big shakeup of what has been. The fact that Uranus is also still conjunct the North Node points to it being something that was perhaps inevitable and necessary for advancement and growth. The fact that Uranus is conjunct from the 12th house, and the Node is also in the 12th house, indicates that this is something hidden, secret or "unconscious" (but on a collective level) that is coming out.

THE MIDHEAVEN IS 27 CAPRICORN, which is partile conjunct both transiting Pluto AND the US Sibley chart's Pluto. (Remember the US Pluto Return??)

This is probably the most notable of all these features of the chart. The US has been going through its Pluto Return (27:33 Capricorn in the Sibley chart: July 4, 1776, 5:10 LMT, Philadelphia PA). (In diagram, circled in blue.)

Pluto conjunct Midheaven and US PlutoSomething has to be 248 years old to have a Pluto Return, so it's not something that comes along everyday! And Pluto being such a deep, dark, intense energy, having this energy return and be revitalized is likely to coincide with something for the history books.

On one hand, Pluto shows us the ugly, sinister, heavy, "worst" side of whatever it touches - human nature, political maneuvering, power dynamics, Big Money, etc. On the other hand, by stirring up this "shadow" side of life, we have a chance to transform it, heal it, and change it.

The fact that the US's Pluto Return features prominently in this chart indicates that this Committee and hearing, and its findings, are likely to have a lasting influence on the country going forward. Its unprecedented decision to recommend legal charges against a former president, and whatever actions and outcomes play out as a result of this, will ring like a bell down through its history and cannot be un-rung.

THE SUN IS CONJUNCT THE GALACTIC CENTRE, partile (the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy, currently at 27 degrees of Sagittarius). This point usually indicates that actions, events and experiences that coincide with something on the GC has larger-than-life implications. (In the diagram above, these are circled in red.)

Therefore, this event touches a level of energy that reaches far beyond the here-and-now. This has an extensive spiritual side to it, in the sense that it challenges who we are at our highest potential.

Jupiter 29 Pisces and Chiron StationaryJUPITER IS AT 29 PISCES, the final degree of that sign and of the archetypal zodiac. It is also conjunct Fixed Star Scheat (also at 29 Pisces), often said to be a place of "difficult events." Together they suggest that there is an ending and a beginning happening that is facilitated by this event. (Circled in blue in the diagram.)

CHIRON IS STATIONARY-DIRECT in the 12th House, going Direct in 3.6 days at the same degree and minute as it is in this cart. (Circled in red in the diagram above.)

This points to the event being about healing persistent wounds in the national collective. It suggests that the issues that this event addresses are old problems that never seem to get completely resolved, yet must be worked on and worked through, nonetheless.

Venus conjunct MercuryTHE TAURUS ASCENDANT is ruled by Venus in Capricorn in the 9th, conjunct Mercury and square Chiron and quincunx Mars.

A big part of the Taurus and Venus themes revolve around money, and on a collective and national level, the economy. It suggests that Big Money's role in the events and issues being addressed by the Committee is significant.

Earth sign Taurus is also about resources, order and stability, and Venus in Earth sign Capricorn underscores those themes. It points to the intention of the Committee and its findings being an effort to bring calm and groundedness to the high, chaotic energy around the Jan. 6th events.

3 Out of Bounds planetsTHERE ARE 3 PLANETS OUT-OF-BOUNDS (OOB by declination) - Mercury, Venus and Mars. Mars is also retrograde and late in the 1st House of the chart.

Having so many OOB planets indicates these hearings stretch far beyond the usual norm, and have an unprecedented side to them. Although the Committee has used established procedures and a traditional legal process to address the Jan. 6th events, they are also having to forge a new path at a certain point.

In addition, the Sun is just 2 days before the Capricorn Solstice, so its declination is a mere hair's width from its maximum declination. The Solstice points for the Sun indicate a turning point in direction, literally and figuratively. This suggests that the outcome of the Committee's findings and actions represents a turning point in how the events and issues of January 6th are being dealt with.

THERE'S A DOUBLE YOD ASPECT PATTERN. This is a difficult aspect pattern that seems to operate like a perpetual "Yes, but..." It points to opportunity to create something positive, yet which is interrupted or interfered with by other forces. It requires considerable flexibility, patience, and thinking outside the box to understand and work with the dynamics of what is happening.

Double Yod patternOne yod is composed of Mars sextile Chiron (stationary-direct), quincunx the Moon which is the apex planet. Actions (Mars) that are intended to heal deep problems (Chiron) have an irritating effect on the people (Moon) who are struggling to understand what it all means.

The second yod has the Moon sextile Venus, quincunx Mars at the apex. The people (Moon) hope for resolution and agreement (Venus), yet the actions necessary seem to conflict with that (Mars).

The two yods overlap and are joined together by Venus square Chiron. Venus suggests that negotiation and agreement are sought that could bring resolution to the problem, especially in relation to government (Venus in Capricorn).

However, Chiron in Aries points to necessary actions that may seem to conflict with resolution, and that it may not be possible to fully resolve the underlying issues.

This requires an ongoing process of managing and working through the issues. It won't be simply an event that will fix the problem, allowing the country to put it all behind them and move on.

Remember that this chart is for just one step of many in an ongoing and complex journey that the US is on. But what a powerful step this is! We will see the ripple effects of this chart and other related events continue to expand over time.


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