Let's Go Fly a Kite!

In 2007, Jupiter and Saturn were in trine aspect, while Saturn and Neptune were in opposition. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars each aligned to form a series of Grand Trine Kite aspect patterns.

Most of us know that a kite is a deceptively simple object that sails on the wind, controlled by its operator from the ground. Usually we think of the diamond-shaped kite (like the one above).

In astrology, a Kite is one of many aspect configurations or aspect figures (a group of planets that act like a "team," playing out a collective energy). The Kite starts with a symmetrical triangular figure (most commonly a Grand Trine) and adds a fourth planet in opposition to one of the other planets, forming a diamond-shaped figure that looks like a kite (see diagrams below).

From March through June of 2007, we have a whole series of four Grand Trine Kites! They all involve the Jupiter-Saturn trine, as well as the Saturn-Neptune opposition. Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are relatively slow-moving planets, so they don't move very much during this time. Then there are four faster-moving planets—Venus, Sun, Mercury and Mars—that combine with the slower planets to create a Grand Trine Kite. One by one, these four planets move in to form the third point of the Grand Trine triangle. The Saturn-Neptune opposition turns the Grand Trine into a Kite figure, forming the "spine" of the Kite.


The faster-moving planets (Venus, Sun, Mercury, Mars) form a series of unified groups that take on a life of their own. And they provide a variety of opportunities for us to tap into and utilize the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune combined energy. The areas of life associated with these faster planets can become the vehicle through which we experience the slower planetary energies. (For instance, through relationships or finances, in the case of Venus. See more about each planet below.)

The Grand Trine takes place in Fire signs. Fire brings a burst of enthusiasm, physical energy, anger, motivation and forcefulness. Since Saturn and Jupiter are involved, this Grand Trine creates a cooperative, blending energy between expansion and containment; vision and practicality; imagination and rationality. At its best, we have access to visionary leadership, discipline for a greater purpose (then just for its own sake) and spirituality that is grounded in realism.

Our ability to use the Grand Trine to its fullest hinges on resolving the conflict and challenge of the Saturn-Neptune opposition (exact passes are 31-Aug-2006, 28-Feb-2007 and 25-Jun-2007). Much has been written here about this transit (see also: Lunar Eclipse in Virgo, Solar Eclipse in Pisces, Grand Trine Kite to Venus, Grand Trine Kite to the Sun, Grand Trine Kite with Mercury, Grand Trine Kite with Mars).

To meet the Saturn-Neptune challenge, we must find a workable balance between "what is" and "what we wish it could be." Our vision of an ideal world that we reach for and long for is held up against the sometimes lacklustre or harsh reality that we must navigate day to day. It can be easy to get stuck in one extreme or the other, which often results from our emotional reactions, like our hopes and fears. The idea is to gradually expand our understanding and awareness, so that these diverse energies can coexist in the same universe.

To a lesser extent, Chiron is also involved in the Kite figure. We have technically finished the exact passes of the Saturn-Chiron oppositions (final exact pass was 20-Jun-2006). However, this aspect is still "in orb" from March through June of 2007, even though these planets don't make an exact aspect. This energy is therefore another factor in this series of Grand Trine Kites. Chiron's role in this development of growth and change is that before we can aspire to something greater than ourselves, ironically we must first accept our inherent limitations. We struggle with our existential condition of being BOTH physical creatures AND sentient beings with the power of choice about how to guide our lives. This is not so much a riddle to be solved, as it is a continual rebalancing act that leads us through and into evolution and growth at the deepest levels of our psyche and spirit.

What is the Chiron evolutionary process? Let's use an analogy: In order to leap into the air, you need the limitation of the earth to push against. And you need to be prepared to come back down again without hurting yourself. In the same way, we often use harsh circumstances to "push against" in order to propel ourselves beyond those limitations. And just like we come back down to earth after we jump up, the progress we make in our lives always brings us to new challenges and obstacles to be overcome. Problems lead to solutions which then generate new challenges and problems. It helps if we can be flexible in our expectations and assessment, so that we don't interpret that natural (and perhaps inevitable) "descent to earth" to mean that we have failed. This is the lesson of Chiron—to remind us that limitations and problems can push us toward a higher purpose.

Essentially, the more we are able to stabilize and balance all these (seemingly) incompatible energies, the more we can tap into and work constructively with the Grand Trine energy. Additionally, the Grand Trine energy is also a resource we can draw on to help us to find that Saturn-Neptune cooperative balance. One hand washes the other.

So how do we access the Grand Trine energy? And how is this Grand Trine energy likely to manifest in our lives? Primarily through the faster-moving planets that one by one come along to form the third point in the Grand Trine triangle between March and June. Here's a rundown of the planets involved, when they are active and examples of how the combined energy may come into your life.

March 03-12, 2007 ~ Grand Trine Kite with Venus

Grand Trine Kite to VenusThis figure can be accessed through the Venus principles, as well as affecting them in your life: Love, harmony, peace, balance. Interaction, relationships, partnerships, socializing. Money, possessions, resources, attracting what you desire.

  • The principle of attraction. (If you're a fan of "The Secret" then you know what I'm talking about.) Attracting what you desire ...OR attracting exactly what you don't want, perhaps because you're polarizing against what you fear, or maybe because you're trying to gain what you want at the exclusion of all else (which is impractical).
  • Love is the answer!! (Um...what was the question?) Discovering the "sacred lover" in you that shines an aura of love around you ...OR coming across as artificial because you're trying too hard to conjure up that aura of love instead of trusting it to come naturally.

April 5-14, 2007 ~ Grand Trine Kite with the Sun

Grand Trine Kite to the SunThis figure can be accessed through the Sun principles, as well as affecting them in your life: Identity, sense of self, who you are becoming, how you see yourself inside (as opposed to how others see you), self-esteem. Creative self-expression, playfulness, fun, games.

  • Truth and justice, not only in principle but also in action. You could become the instrument by which higher principles are applied in the world ...OR your principles might be driven more by ego needs. Either can result in resistance from others. Self-honesty and true humility will tell you how much of your own ego is involved.
  • Self-expression that is fulfilling and uplifting spiritually, as well as satisfying in terms of concrete results. You are the vehicle of expression of a greater purpose; and although it will work better if you get your ego out of the way, your ego awareness is also what steers and focuses the energy. A delicate balance is needed between healthy ego awareness and egotism.

April 19-23, 2007 ~ Grand Trine Kite with Mercury

Grand Trine Kite to MercuryThis figure can be accessed through Mercury principles, as well as affecting them in your life: Communication, expression, "finding your voice," having something to say, being "the messenger." Thoughts, ideas, writing, reading, lecturing, debating, teaching, learning.

  • Imagination and analysis in perfect balance, which can be used to take advantage of opportunities. ...OR taking too much for granted, and therefore under-using those opportunities and winding up disappointed with the results.
  • Thinking both "outside the box" and inside of it at the same time, thus being able to be both open-minded and decisive ...OR trying to incorporate so much information and such a broad vision that you become overwhelmed (kind of like swallowing a watermelon whole).

June 1-10, 2007 ~ Grand Trine Kite with Mars

Grand Trine Kite to MarsThis figure can be accessed through Mars principles, as well as affecting them in your life: Assertiveness, being pro-active, courage, daring, enthusiasm, anger, being direct or blunt, taking action, energy (physical, emotional, mental, etc.), libido, desire. Aggression, hostility, temper, recklessness, reactions, force, conflict.

  • Action that is confident enough to take risks, cautious enough to avoid problems and honourable enough to do the right thing for the right reasons ...OR acting impulsively, expecting other people or circumstances to fill in the missing pieces, and then wondering why your results are less than what you'd hoped for.
  • Enthusiasm to pursue your dreams and the self-discipline to make it happen ...OR trying to do too much too fast, or preplanning to such a far-reaching degree that you burn yourself out before you take the first step.

These four months (March through June 2007) offer a rare opportunity to create something worthwhile and exciting in your life and in the world around you. Each of these time periods shows a different stage of development and growth that can be used to move your plans and dreams to the next step. The best results will happen when you maintain "balance in motion." In other words, allow the momentum of change and growth to be steered by your best judgment and intentions. The momentum of one phase will be part of the fuel that drives the whole process—kind of like the motion of walking becomes part of what keeps you walking. That motion means you don't have to expend as much energy later as when you first start out.

To learn more about aspect configurations like the Grand Trine Kite, I highly recommend Aspect Pattern Astrology: A New Holistic Horoscope Interpretation Method by Bruno, Louise and Michael Alexander Huber. You'll get more out of it if you already have some basic knowledge of astrology. Stephanie Clement has also written a book on planetary and aspect patterns that is worth checking out, called Aspect Patterns: What They Reveal & How They Are Triggered.



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